international women's day

Inspired by women everywhere.

New Balance athletes reflect on finding strength, helping each other, and creating a better future. 

“When I was getting started, veteran runners encouraged me to keep focusing on the right things and embrace every opportunity. That's such a powerful thing for a young girl to experience.” Sydney McLaughlin, Team NB Hurdler

“I just wanna see the girls level up and continue to get buck. I want to help set that bar high.” Samarria Brevard, Team NB Skateboarder

“I feel very strong right now. A resilient girl never gives up.” Tatiana Pinto, Team NB Footballer

Inspired by women everywhere

I’m dedicated to the things that I do. Figure out what you’re passionate about because you’ll need that when life gets hard." — Rocky Rodriguez, Costa Rica Women's National Team Top Goalscorer

Have the courage to get uncomfortable.

Things don't always go our way. But if you put effort over perfection, you’re always moving forward.” — Brenda Martinez, World Athletics Championships 800m Silver Medalist